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On this page you can see the different housing areas in which the Housing Office's Student Rooms are situated. Click on the city map for a view of the city and for the locations of the different areas. If your browser support pdf links, the marked areas are also clickable.

"Rooms" indicate the number of rooms that are available to rent through the Housing Office in each area.

"Vacant rooms" indicate the number of rooms still available for booking in the specific area.

Click on "List vacant rooms" to see the detailed descriptions and choose a room.
AreaRoomsVacant rooms 
Berghem 20 0 List vacant rooms
Carlshem 15 0 List vacant rooms
Mariehem 51 0 List vacant rooms
Nydalahöjden 43 0 List vacant rooms
Tunnelbacken 34 0 List vacant rooms
Ålidhem 347 0 List vacant rooms